Since November 1992, dreamcoat has established a reputation in the market as a creative and strategic specialist in leisure, lifestyle and entertainment industry public relations and marketing. From our ideas to our approach, dreamcoat captures the imagination of our clients, the media and the general public.

Our aim is to get great media coverage for our clients by providing the media with interesting angles and stories that suit their readers, listeners, viewers and surfers.

Based in Sydney, Melbourne, New York and with an affiliate in London, we can undertake publicity campaigns in Australia, USA and the UK.

Creative concepts are the key to everything that we do. A great concept will get the attention of the media and will receive media coverage. See our Australian and American sample campaigns for some inspiration.

If you have a product, service, person, or web site that needs awareness, use the briefing form on this web site to receive ONE FREE PR IDEA, which we then hope you will allow us to execute!


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